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Dave Dellenbaugh Sailing

David Dellenbaugh is a champion helmsman, tactician, author, coach, rules expert and seminar leader who has spent his career helping sailors sail faster and smarter.Here are the learning resources that he has created to help you improve your racing skills.

2020 Topics

Strategy and Tactics seminars from Speed & Smarts:

2020 Seminar Topics

For 2020 the Speed & Smarts Strategy and Tactics Series is featuring seven seminars:
    1. Starting Strategy and Tactics 
    2. Upwind Strategy and Tactics 
    3. Downwind Strategy and Tactics (New)
    4. Mark Rounding Techniques, Tactics and Rules (New)
    5. Boatspeed  Trim, Tuning and Technique (New)
    6. Racing Rules  Around the course (New)
    7. Drone’s-Eye View: Strategy and tactics around the race course (New)

Each seminar is about three hours long, including breaks, and features videos, diagrams, photos, white-board demonstrations and other techniques for sharing strategic and tactical tips. The seminar will discuss how to handle common racing situations, and there is usually plenty of time for questions.

2020 Starting   2020 Upwind 2020 Downwind 
2020 Mark roundings  2020 Boatspeed  2020 Racing rules 
2020 Drones Eye View