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Dave Dellenbaugh Sailing

David Dellenbaugh is a champion helmsman, tactician, author, coach, rules expert and seminar leader who has spent his career helping sailors sail faster and smarter.Here are the learning resources that he has created to help you improve your racing skills.

Update 4-1-20: We are in the process of converting our in-person seminars to live online webinars. If you are interested in attending future webinars, please email us and we will send you schedule updates. We will also update the webinar schedule here.

2020 Strategy & Tactics


Presented by  Speed & Smarts

"You can’t always win the race, but you can always learn something that will give you a better chance of winning the next race."

This has always been the guiding philosophy behind Speed & Smarts newsletter, and now it applies to our new Strategy and Tactics Seminars as well.

Most sailors want to keep learning, and that’s what these seminars are all about. They’re filled with race-winning tips, tricks and wisdom, much of which comes from nearly 25 years of Speed & Smarts newsletters.

In the winter and spring of 2020 we are offering seven seminars:

  1. Starting Strategy and Tactics 
  2. Upwind Strategy and Tactics 
  3. Downwind Strategy and Tactics (New)
  4. Mark Rounding Techniques, Tactics and Rules (New)
  5. Boatspeed  Trim, Tuning and Technique (New)
  6. Racing Rules  Around the course (New)
  7. Drone’s-Eye View: Strategy and tactics around the race course (New)

All of these (except for the Drone’s-Eye View) are three hours long, so two of them fit conveniently into a one-day seminar. Most sailors attend for the full day (done by 4 pm), but they have the option to attend just one seminar in the morning or one in the afternoon. The ‘Drone’s-Eye View’ seminar is about two hours long and is designed primarily as an evening program.

For a more detailed look at the content of these seminars, click here.

Each Speed & Smarts Seminar is filled with videos, diagrams, charts, discussions and practical tips to improve sailors’ racing performance and confidence. The seminars are usually held on a Saturday or Sunday from January to June. A typical day includes one seminar from 9 am to noon, an hour for lunch, and a second seminar from 1 to 4 pm. Sailors can attend either one, or both.

We are looking for yacht clubs, local fleets and other sailing organizations who would like to host a Speed & Smarts seminar in 2020. We will provide an instructor (see bios here), all the course content, and materials for participants (see list at right).

For more info about hosting a seminar, see these informational fliers:  Flyer #1 or Flyer #2

If you are interested in finding a seminar to attend, click here.

If you have any questions or comments, please send us an email. Thanks!

If you can’t attend a seminar but would like to purchase the seminar workbooks, click here.