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Dave Dellenbaugh Sailing

David Dellenbaugh is a champion helmsman, tactician, author, coach, rules expert and seminar leader who has spent his career helping sailors sail faster and smarter.Here are the learning resources that he has created to help you improve your racing skills.

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142 Racing Rules IQ Test

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ISSUE #: 142
THEME:Racing Rules IQ Test
DATE: Aug/Sep 2017

CONTENTS:This issue contains our quadrennial ‘IQ Test’ about the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing. This year the ‘IQ Test’ has more than 250 questions and takes up the entire newsletter. My goal with this issue was to create a comprehensive, useful resource that would be helpful in: a) finding out how well you understand the racing rules, and b) improving your overall knowledge of the rules. For easy reference, I divided the questions according to the part of the race course where they normally apply. You will see there are 35-40 questions in each of these sections:Starting, Windward leg, Windward mark, Downwind leg, Leeward mark, Finishing and Protests/penalties.